23 November 2022   |   Announcements

$25,000 donated to Wish4Fish by the team building the new Winstone Wallboards factory

Wish4Fish charity founder Bryce Dinneen was blown away to be presented with a $25,000 donation from the team building the new Winstone Wallboards plant in Tauriko.

The donation from Fletcher Construction, Winstone Wallboards and other on-site contractors, was made following a presentation Bryce gave at their end of year Health and Safety meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage the team to take their work-based focus on health and wellbeing home with them over summer.

Bryce Dineen is someone with first-hand experience of why that’s such an important message. He suffered a high-level spinal injury during a shallow-water diving incident in 2007, and has since founded the “Wish4Fish” charity to give people with a physical or mental disability the chance to go fishing on special wheelchair-accessible boats.

Bryce says he was very inspired by the event. “Like Fletcher Construction, I’m a massive advocate of health and wellbeing, whether it’s on the water or on the land. The team on the project was very engaging, and I had some great conversations after my presentation”.

He says the $25,000 donation will make a huge difference.

“We budget around $250 per person to take people with physical or mental disabilities out on the water, so their donation will help 100 people have that experience along with their caregivers, which is incredible”.

Site Health and Safety Manager Todd Pearce says they closed the site for the meeting, and had around 220 people gathered to hear Bryce. He says the talk touched on some amazing topics. “It was a really emotional talk. The guys were really touched with what Bryce had to say, and I know his safety message has really hit home for them. I hope what he’s shared helps to keep them all safe over their summer holidays.”

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