24 June 2024   |   Announcements

Fletcher Building Announces Board Changes

Fletcher Building Limited (the “Company”) today announced that Rob McDonald has informed the Board of his decision to step down as a director on 30 June 2024, in the interests of facilitating the acceleration of Board renewal. This brings forward his departure, which was originally scheduled for the Company’s 2024 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in October.

Fletcher Building Acting Chair Barbara Chapman expressed the Company’s gratitude for Mr McDonald’s tenure as a director since 2018: "On behalf of Fletcher Building, I wanted to thank Rob for his contribution to the Board and the company over the past six years, particularly in his role as Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee.

Rob’s previously signalled departure is being addressed as part of the Board renewal process that we have underway. We will update shareholders as we make progress with that process."

Current Audit and Risk Committee member, Sandra Dodds, will replace Mr McDonald as Chair of that Committee. Director Cathy Quinn has been appointed as the new Chair of the Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee, replacing departing director Doug McKay.

Authorised by, Haydn Wong, Company Secretary

For more information, please contact:

Christian May
General Manager - Corporate Affairs
+64 21 305 398
Aleida White
Head of Investor Relations
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