Graduate Programme

There has never been a better time to work at Fletcher Building. Each year Fletcher Building welcomes more than 50 university graduates to join our business. Will you be one of them?

You know what you want: you want to build a solid, successful career. And since you’re at the planning stage of this life-changing project, now’s the time to make sure you start out with the best possible foundation. You need strength and stability - but most importantly - you need confidence in the knowledge you’re joining a business with a track record for building greatness - in products, people and overall purpose.

While our roots are firmly in New Zealand, our footprint is truly global. And that footprint puts a world of opportunity at your fingertips. For you, it all begins with our purpose-designed Graduate Leadership Programme. We’ll put you right at the heart of our global operations - working alongside industry leaders and inspiring colleagues for the ultimate insight into what makes Fletcher Building tick. Will it be challenging? Yes. Will it be rewarding? Of course. Is it the ultimate way to make your future? Absolutely. With exposure to multiple areas of our business, and a mentor on hand every step of the way, we’re setting you up for success – success shaped around your interests and broader career goals.

Grads 39a
Grads 120a