Fletcher Building is an organisation with strong values of responsibility and integrity. We are committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception.

Employees and those we do business with have a responsibility to report concerns if they suspect or become aware of misconduct in the following areas:

  • Suspected fraudulent or other illegal activity –examples include: theft; misappropriation; insider trading; market manipulation; and corrupt practices including giving or receiving bribes or other improper benefits.
  • Unethical behaviour – e.g. conflicts of interest; illegal, deceptive or anti-competitive practices; bullying, harassment and non-adherence to internal compliance policies; and non-compliance with legislation including Human Rights legislation.
  • Conduct involving substantial risk to health and safety of employees or the public – e.g. practices that endanger the safety of employees/the public, unsafe or unhealthy working practices, non-compliance with required practices.
  • Financial Reporting – e.g. falsification or destruction of business or financial records; misrepresentation or suppression of financial information; non-adherence to internal financial reporting policy/controls.
  • Retaliation against a reporting individual – e.g. statements, conduct or actions involving terminating, disciplining, suspending, harassing or discriminating against an individual reporting a concern on reasonable grounds in accordance with this policy.

FBuCall is a free phone and online service to provide anonymity. It is managed externally, independently of Fletcher Building. You may be asked for, but do not need to provide any personal details to FBuCall unless you wish to. If you are making a disclosure anonymously in writing you should provide as much information as possible so as not to compromise the ability to investigate the report.

Calls made to the FBuCall service are taken very seriously. They should not be used for:

  • lodging personal grievances
  • settling a score with a co-worker or manager
  • making false accusations
  • addressing common day-to-day issues

Making a disclosure

Where you don’t feel comfortable reporting a matter directly or where you wish to remain anonymous then your concerns may also be reported to either:

FBuCall free phone details (monitored 24 hours per day): 

  • New Zealand - 0800 576 400
  • Australia - 1800 870 585
  • American Samoa - 0061 2 9445 9993
  • Fiji - 00800 2190
  • PNG - 1802025
  • Samoa - 0061 2 9455 9993
  • Solomon Islands - 0061 2 9455 9993
  • Tonga - 0061 2 9455 9993
  • Vanuatu - 0061 2 9455 9993

Make an online report >>

Confidentiality and anonymity

Disclosures will be treated confidentially and shared only to the extent necessary to allow an investigation or to determine what action is appropriate. Your identity can be kept confidential. While there are some circumstances where it may need to be disclosed to authorities we would discuss this with you before that occurred. If you decide to provide information completely anonymously then keep in mind that it could limit our ability to fully investigate and address the issue or behaviour you raise. It may also mean you wouldn’t be able to assist with any questions, or receive feedback or updates on the matters reported.

All matters reported will be taken seriously but it is important to note that this mechanism should not be used for common day-to-day issues; e.g. to support a personal employment dispute, to settle a score or make false accusations.