6 October 2021   |   Announcements

One Central development continues at pace

All Fletcher Living homes currently under construction in the latest development stage of One Central, Christchurch have been sold and will be ready for their new owners to move in over the next six months.

Steve Evans, Chief Executive of Fletcher Building’s Residential & Development division says,

”We are very proud of the role we are playing in the rebuild of Christchurch and in particular, the One Central development.

“From the outset of this development, the goal has been to bring people and vibrancy back to the heart of the city and with over 250 Fletcher Living homes in One Central sold, and a further 101 in the next stage, significant progress is being made.

“A huge sense of responsibility comes with being a partner in a project such as this and we constantly check ourselves to ensure we are playing our part as well as possible. Part of this includes ensuring the development continues at pace for the people of Christchurch.”  

Fletcher Living and Ōtākaro have agreed that Ōtākaro can offer up to three of the 14 Super Lots to other developers if this results in a better outcome in terms of speed of delivery.

“Both Ōtākaro and Fletcher Living believe that making the Super Lots available to other developers may further support Christchurch’s aspirations for faster delivery of homes and residents in the city.”

“The Super Lots concerned are along Manchester Street, and have been designated as high-density residential developments with ground floor commercial.  We believe other developers may take different approaches to this type of mixed-use development. This will allow us to continue focusing on delivering the other Super Lots.”

“We are proud of the community which is developing at One Central and look forward to continuing our role through to completion. Our next stage of construction commences this year with homes available for sale in early 2022,” says Mr Evans.

Ōtākaro will go to market shortly with the initial two blocks that are bordered by Lichfield, Manchester and Cashel Streets, and Hereford, Manchester and Worcester Streets,” says Chief Executive, John Bridgman.

“Since the COVID-19 outbreak we have seen a noticeable upswing in interest in higher density inner-city living in Christchurch, fueled by investors and people moving to Christchurch who have enjoyed the attractions of inner-city living elsewhere.

“So it makes sense to see what other styles of homes could be developed to attract more inner-city residents in this desirable area just one block from our main street.”

Fletcher Living is about to start construction on another two Super Lots comprising of 101 homes. This includes the construction of the first of the Super Lots along Manchester Street.

For further information please contact:

Kate Barlow
External Communications Manager
Fletcher Building
+ 64 21 245 6525