Announcements     |   1 November 2019

New Zealand International Convention Centre site handed back to Fletcher Construction

Site access restricted as safety assessments take place

Auckland, Friday 1 November 2019

Fire and Emergency New Zealand have handed back the New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) site to Fletcher Building division, Fletcher Construction.

Access to the site is restricted as initial safety and structural assessments are completed, Fletcher Construction Chief Executive Peter Reidy says.

“Before we can commence re-entry work, and ultimately the rebuild, we have to ensure the site is safe to work in. We have a rigorous process in place to ensure the safety of those people who need to enter at this early stage, to undertake specific assessments.

“It will take us some time to understand the extent of the damage to each area within the seven level, 32,000sqm site. We need to assess every floor, every structure and the 1,327 car parks beneath the fire where there is significant water damage.

“It will be some time before our workers are allowed back into the building to begin the process of cleaning up the damage and then beginning the rebuild work.

“Our priorities now include getting vehicles out of the building, as many of our people and subcontractors have been without their cars for the past week. We will also look to retrieve tools and personal belongings where possible.

“This has been a very challenging period for our client SkyCity, for Aucklanders generally and for our people. They are devastated about what has happened and face a huge job ahead of them now.

“We want to thank Fire and Emergency New Zealand and St John for the enormous amount of work they have done over the past nine days and all the Aucklanders who have been so understanding during this disruption. SkyCity and Fletcher will work closely together on plans for the rebuild and remain determined that this iconic building will be finished.”

Traffic restrictions in the city centre will remain in place over the weekend as safety assessments are undertaken.

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