4 September 2022   |   Announcements

Fletcher Building Introduces Gender-Neutral Parental Leave Policy

Fletcher Building has introduced a new gender-neutral parental leave policy. With modern families coming in all forms, the policy gives Fletcher Building Group employees the flexibility to choose which parent will be the primary and secondary carer based on their families’ individual circumstances.

Claire Carroll, Fletcher Building’s Chief People Officer, says “As an inclusive workplace, making the policy gender-neutral was important to us. We recognise that the support families need in the early days of parenthood is most often financial. Our policy will allow our people to make choices for their family that meet both their caring and financial needs and support their return to work.”      

“We want to support our people through the most important moments of their lives. The aim of our new enhanced parental leave policy is to help our people create a great start for their children and make it easier to continue their career at Fletcher Building when they return to work,” says Claire Carroll.

Primary carers will receive 100% of their normal pay for 26 weeks. Alternatively, if they choose to take 12 months parental leave, they can opt to receive 50% of their normal pay for 52 weeks. Secondary carers will also receive four weeks paid leave so they can enjoy more time supporting their family without being concerned about work.

“Starting or growing a family is a life changing moment. We talked with our people about what would help most during this time and unsurprisingly providing financial security was seen as a key benefit. Providing 26 weeks leave on full pay was key but we believed we could do more.

“A primary carer’s contribution to their retirement scheme is often impacted by being on parental leave. However, Fletcher Building will continue to pay the full employer contribution into their retirement savings while on parental leave. We believe this is an important step towards giving primary carers equity in their retirement savings,” says Claire Carroll.

In conjunction with enhanced leave options, Fletcher Building’s parental policy also includes clear commitments to help smooth the transition back to work. This includes the ability to work part-time at 80% on full pay for six months and have their annual leave paid at their normal pay, rather than on earnings for the previous 12 months.

Plus, both primary and secondary carers are entitled to an additional five-days ‘New Parents Leave’ for a year.

Fletcher Building’s group of companies employ over 14,700 people across New Zealand and Australia.

The Parental Leave Policy applies to all permanent Fletcher Building Group Employees in New Zealand and Australia. 

The Primary carer is any person who has been a permanent team member for a minimum of 12 months at the expected due date, or the date they assume primary care of a child.


Fletcher Building’s Parental Leave Policy in Summary:

Parental leave benefits

  • 26 weeks fully paid leave for primary carers.

  • Four weeks fully paid leave for secondary carers.

  • KiwiSaver/Superannuation employer contributions continue.

 Phased return to work benefits

  • Return to work part-time at 80% on full pay for six months.

  • Five additional days ‘New Parents Leave’ for primary and secondary carers during their first year back at work.

  • Annual leave accumulated and paid at their normal pay, rather than on earnings for the previous 12 months.

You can find more information and a video on our careers page.

For more information, please contact:

Marise Hurley
Senior Group Corporate Affairs Advisor
+64 21 306 311