12 February 2009   |   Financial Results

FB Finance 2009 Half Year Results Announcement

Fletcher Building Finance Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fletcher Building Limited, and is the issuer of capital notes, which are guaranteed by Fletcher Building Limited on an unsecured subordinated basis.  The financial performance of the company should be considered in conjunction with the financial statements of Fletcher Building Limited.

The financial results for the period to 31 December 2008 are:

  • Net profit after tax $1.3 million
  • Shareholders funds $77.9 million

The company has operated in compliance with the terms of the Trust Deed under which the capital notes were issued.


Bill Roest
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +64 9 525 9165
Fax:  +64 9 525 9032

Philip King
General Manager
Investor Relations
Phone: +64 9 525 9043
Fax:  +64 9 525 9029