16 October 2013   |   Financial Results

Annual Shareholders' Meeting Voting Results

Fletcher Building advises that all resolutions put to its annual shareholders’ meeting held in Auckland today were passed by shareholders. The final results of the voting by poll were:

                                                                               For                            Against

1 Re-election of A J Carter as a director       387,914,158               8,919,285

2 Re-election of J F Judge as a director        395,786,486                989,670

3 Re-election of R G Waters as a director     389,523,151              7,248,464

4 Directors to fix auditor’s remuneration      396,458,728               136,594

In view of the election of directors, the company can now advise in terms of the NZSX Listing Rule 3.3.3(a) that the independent directors are: 

R G Waters
A J Carter
A T Jackson
J F Judge
K D Spargo
C Tarrant
G T Tilbrook

For further information contact:

Philip King
Group GM
Investor Relations & Capital Markets
Phone: + 64 9 525 9043
Mobile: + 64 27 444 0203