Employee Engagement

Our award-winning Organisation Development team has been driving higher levels of staff engagement, ensuring enjoyable and meaningful work-lives for all our people.

People are one of our most valuable assets and we place a lot of emphasis on ensuring their well-being at work. This is just not physical and mental wellbeing but fostering a high level of job satisfaction which comes from an employee’s sense of pride in the work they do, a sense of inclusiveness, feeling challenged and motivated and having the right tools, skills, support and information to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

All staff – from the CEO right through to the newest employee - are invited to be part of the annual survey (FBuSay). The survey is translated into 15 languages, making it accessible to all our staff right around the globe. Response rates are general over 90% so staff do take the time to let us know what they like, and don’t like, and what more we can do to make Fletcher Building and even better place to work.

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This feedback becomes the basis for an annual programme of actions and initiatives to continuously raise our employee engagement. Senior leaders are measured, and incentivised, on delivering and exceeding their staff engagement targets.

Initiatives include on-going communication programmes, global excellence recognition awards, learning and development programmes, connecting senior leaders and staff, community engagement opportunities, developing a better understanding of the wider business and frequent opportunities for staff to connect and enjoy each other’s company.

We firmly believe that engaged staff are more productive and deliver higher levels of quality and initiative. That’s why we continue to focus on it as a core business driver.