Health and Safety

We take the health and safety (H&S) of our employees very seriously, actively looking to drive safety excellence and continuous improvement.

We strive to be a leader in H&S practices and our success with this has been recognized with a number of H&S innovation awards. We monitor global best practice and have a programme to ensure all our businesses know and implement it where they can.

Preventing injuries and addressing areas of risk within our business is one of our highest priority. Any injury is unacceptable which is why we focus on continual improvement. Over the last decade we have successfully bought down the key measure we use to monitor our health and safety practices – the 12 month rolling average Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate per million employee and contractor hours (TRIFR).

These improvements have been achieved due to our increased focus on proactively identifying, monitoring and addressing our actual and potential critical risks. And improved ongoing analysis of our incidents is providing greater depth of knowledge about the risks within our business and greater visibility on the areas where further prevention measures are required.


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Health & Safety Governance

Our health and safety governance programme is implemented through our executive Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Council, chaired by our CEO. This council develops the EHS strategy, makes regular decisions and drives actions to reduce risk and build engagement across the health and safety function. 

Businesses and sites proactively reduce their risks on site and have active health and safety committees to address local issues, identify initiatives and programmes to improve environmental, occupational health and safety issues relevant to work areas and build engagement across their wider teams. An annual improvement plan is reviewed and signed off by the senior leadership team. And to ensure real accountability, a regular external review of compliance to our standards is undertaken.