Environment and Sustainability

Our vision of Building Better, Together encapsulates our approach to sustainability. Put simply, we work together with our employees, our customers and our communities to achieve our sustainability aspirations.

We have three areas of focus for sustainability:

  1. Protecting and minimising impacts on the environment
  2. Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees
  3. Investing in and supporting the communities in which we operate.
A sustainable framework

Sustainability is about resource efficiency, improving the way the business is run, using and manufacturing environmentally responsible products and managing environmental impacts. Sustainability is important to the customer, delivers real value and is crucial to the life of our business. All of our sustainability initiatives work within a framework of economic innovation. 

When it comes to environmental protections and minimising our impact on the environment, it is our business strategy in action that makes the difference. Our approach is to have strong business units supported by an active centre. We have a central Environment, Health and Safety team providing direction and key performance indicators, including the monitoring of our carbon emissions. This team has developed a sustainability framework, which provides direction for our focus areas. It is our business units that have the greatest ability to make a difference for the environment. Within our diverse portfolio we have many inspiring examples of businesses that are reducing waste, being more energy efficient, creating new and more sustainable products and new ways of doing things.

FB Sustainability 01
FB Sustainability 02

Fletcher Building businesses are involved in all kinds of environmental initiatives. They have relocated endangered geckos, introduced lean construction methods and been nominated for environmental awards in recognition of their commitment to rehabilitate former quarry sites and innovations that significantly reduce waste. One project site alone has planted over 700,000 trees. For the future, we will continue to focus on improving our performance in the area of health, safety and the environment, in developing our people and in supporting our communities. 


We commit to:    

  • Working together to protect the environment
  • Reducing the impacts associated with our manufacturing, construction and extraction operations
  • Reducing the impacts associated with the distribution and use of our building materials
  • Building leadership capability
  • Supporting and investing in the communities in which we operate
  • Managing health and safety risks across our business
  • Working collaboratively with central and local government stakeholders to facilitate employment or training opportunities for disadvantaged youth
  • Having workplaces that strive to provide development opportunities for our people, focused on high engagement and high performance