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Firth declares world first concrete labels


As part of their ongoing commitment to their customers and the environment, Firth now have globally recognised ingredient labels for their products – becoming the first concrete manufacturer in the world to do so. 


Recognised globally, 'Declare' labels are nutritional labels for the building industry. Declare labels help architects, designers, specifiers, and customers know what a product contains and better understand its sustainable qualities and environmental effects.


For Firth, this initiative means they can collaborate better with their suppliers, distributors and customers to design and build for the future to include durability, longevity, and sustainability.


"Declare is a stepping stone along the sustainable road – it indicates to our customers that we're actively looking to make a difference and build for the future," says Bernice Cumming, Architectural and Specification Manager at Firth.


Declare labels also mean Firth products can be used with Living Building Challenge projects (LBC). LBC is the world's most rigorous proven performance standard for buildings that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability.


“We have seen a global trend of consumers wanting a more sustainable build for their homes and we have been approached to supply to projects (both commercial and residential) that are building a Living Building Challenge project. For these projects, we have had to provide research and information to allow our products to be specified for these projects," says Bernice.


"So, getting Declare was the natural next step for us. The labels make it easier for our customers to choose our products for their LBC, homestar or greenstar rated project. It also makes it easier for customers looking to build sustainably and want to know what’s in the materials their homes are being built of and if they are free of red list chemicals." 


Receiving the labels was a ten month process, where Bernice worked with Michelle Johanssonas a LBC consultant, who was part of the first LBC project in NZ.


"The management team were very supportive and quick to see the long-term benefits of getting the labels," says Bernice.


Two of Firth's ready-mix concrete mixes and concrete masonry products including all paving, retaining, bricks, grey masonry and architectural masonry carry the Declare label. More information on which products carry the label can be discussed with Firth.


"At Firth we are constantly working towards innovating and developing new products to make it easier for our customers to make smart choices towards a more sustainable lifestyle," says Bernice.


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