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Laminex AU   |   30 May 2017

Perth looks at Laminex in time

Following the success of Sydney's new Laminex Australia Design Hub, Laminex Australia's Western Australia (WA) Residential and Showroom Manager Nurul Shaheed began fielding ideas from his team about furthering the Laminex Australia showroom in Perth as a hub for design-oriented clients and professionals.

"We have a great showroom team, all qualified interior design professionals," says Mr Shaheed.

"It has never simply been a space for clients to pick up product samples and we needed more ways to reflect that."

A recent addition to the showroom has been its gallery space of Laminex© and Formica© commercial artwork from the last century, an idea of Showroom Team Leader Stevie Modern.

"With the advent of the Internet and in a competitive marketplace, trusted long-lasting brands like Laminex Australia's need to showcase its unique attributes, among them it's service and long reputation,"

"One way we can do that is to demonstrate our pride in our brand, as we have here with the gallery, and make it an interesting and inviting space to physically visit."

The gallery exhibits were carefully selected by showroom design consultant Gena Crawford, and showcases the company's long reputation as a market and design leader. The commercial artworks from the various periods make for a visually engaging look and an entertaining vision of design progress.

The WA team has also been introducing new interactive elements into its showroom. Four iPad touchscreens have been installed so clients can interact with Laminex Australia's new online design hub. A retail space for its Formica Flooring©, Metaline© and Laminex© Decorative Screens is being introduced as well as specific spaces for visiting designers and builders to bring their clients during the product selection process.

During busy Saturday periods, visiting trade professionals are advertised, offering expert advice on technical aspects of renovation alongside the showroom design team.

Nathan Wagenaar, owner of a Perth cabinet business and one of the showroom's visiting experts says the idea has been "a great opportunity to interface with the broader public, and a learning process for me too in terms of what the [Laminex Australia] team does. I've learnt more about utilizing the products in the process."

"In terms of future developments," says Mr Shaheed, "It's literally Watch this Space."


Perth looks at Laminex in time 1
Perth looks at Laminex in time 4
Perth looks at Laminex in time 5
Perth looks at Laminex in time 5
Photos: (top right) WA Showroom Team Leader Stevie Modern shows off the showroom's new gallery. He says in the online age it's important to make places physically interesting to visit. (Grid L-R/top-bottom) Nathan Wagenaar, Nathan’s Cabinets says it has been "a great experience working with the showroom team." ; Visitors to the showroom can now interact with Laminex Australia's online design hub ; A 'look' in time: The WA showroom's gallery of past commercial artworks ; The WA Showroom's gallery of Formica© and Laminex© adverts from the last century make for a visually engaging exhibit;