26 June 2009   |   Announcements

Fletcher Building Announces Closure of Western Australian MDF Plant

Fletcher Building Limited (“Fletcher Building”) announced today that its Laminex business will close its medium density fibreboard (“MDF”) plant in Welshpool in Perth Western Australia.

The Welshpool plant manufactures MDF for both the domestic Australian market and export market in Asia.  Due to reduced demand and over-capacity in the industry, it is proposed to consolidate MDF manufacturing at the larger and more modern plant in Gympie.  In addition to MDF, the Welshpool plant currently produces Veneers, Low Pressure Laminate (LPL), and Process Panels and bearers.

The site closure will be phased over a period of time, with MDF manufacturing operations closing on 24th July 2009.  Veneers, Process Panels, LPL and bearers are expected to relocate to other Laminex sites at some point within the next 3 – 6 months.

The Welshpool Plant employs 114 people.

Customers will not be affected by the change.

For further information contact:

Jonathan Ling
Chief Executive Officer
Ph: 649 525 9169
Mob: 6421 777 703