30 March 2017   |   Media Release

Dividend Reinvestment Plan Price Determined


Auckland, 30 March 2017

The share price used to calculate entitlements under the Fletcher Building Limited Dividend Reinvestment Plan has been set at NZ$7.9888.

This is the average of the individual daily volume weighted average sale prices of all price-setting trades of Fletcher Building shares sold on the NZSX on each of the five business days from and including the ex-dividend date of 23 March 2017 pursuant to the terms of the Dividend Reinvestment Plan Offer Document. 

Shareholders who have elected to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan reinvest their dividends to receive additional shares, rather than cash.  The new shares will be allocated on the dividend date, 12 April 2017.  The number of Fletcher Building shares to which participants are entitled is the total of the net dividend remittance which would otherwise have been payable to participants, divided by 7.9888. 

Australian residents are paid in Australian dollars which have been converted using an exchange rate of NZ$1.00 = A$0.9175.

An illustration of the calculation of the net dividend remittance is available on this website.


For further information contact:

Rodney Deacon
Head of Investor Relations
Phone:   + 64 9 525 9043
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