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Humeseal at M2PP

As with any major project, coordination of the many moving parts is the key to delivering it on time and within budget – working with the right suppliers is crucial to that success.

The Wellington Northern Corridor - Levin to Wellington Airport - is one of seven Roads of National Significance the NZ Government has identified as essential state highway developments. The improvements are being constructed across eight sections, including the MacKays to Peka Peka (M2PP) route - which is being delivered by the M2PP Alliance ( NZTA, Fletcher Construction, Higgins and Beca). Humes has been heavily involved supplying the Alliance since the project started 18 months ago, a fact which prompted them to set up a ‘pop up’ branch to cater to the needs of the Alliance – solely for the duration of the four-year project.

The project is the first of the Wellington Northern Corridor projects to get underway and involves constructing an 18km, four-lane expressway that will take SH1 along the Kāpiti Coast.

“During the tender process it was raised that we didn’t have a distribution office close enough to the project site,” explains Justin Clarke, National Sales Manager for Humes. “So we offered to create a temporary branch for the supply of smaller items as the large items go direct to the site. Over the past 18 months we have worked very closely with them and have formed a very strong working relationship.”

“We are about a third of the way through this project and things are on track,” explains Craig Hiddleston, Drainage Manager for the Alliance. “What has been a major factor on the project has been the collaboration with our suppliers. Humes, from the start, has been committed to this project and have worked with us on all facets. They have a purpose built branch on site and having them there has made a huge difference for us. Also the key people Humes have working with us – Ralph, Geoff and Kit – are very good and hands on. We speak with these guys regularly and they are there when we need them.”

“It's a very exciting project to be involved in,” explains Ralph Holdaway, Sales Centre Manager for Humes. “It is quite an involved and difficult project for the Alliance because a lot of the new roadway is based on sand dunes and peat. We have worked with them on design and developed products to suit their needs. Being on site has meant the relationship with the Alliance has strengthened. This is now a collaboration as opposed to a supplier-customer relationship. When you work closely with people ideas develop for the better of the project.”

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