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Humeseal Brings Speed and Ease to M2PP

The Wellington Northern Corridor - Levin to Wellington Airport - is one of seven Roads of National Significance that the NZ Government has identified as essential state highways. The improvements are being constructed across eight different sections - one being the MacKays to Peka Peka (M2PP) route. The project is to construct an 18km four-lane expressway that will take SH1 along the Kapiti Coast. Now, eighteen months into the project, the new roadway has incorporated a tremendous amount of drainage product from Humes, including a relatively new product – the Humeseal System.

“Humeseal is only about two years old in the New Zealand market,” explains Ralph Holdaway, Sales Centre Manager for Humes Pipeline Systems. “However this technology is not new as this type of system has been available in Europe for a number of years.”

Manhole bases sit at the bottom of the hole and top sections (called risers) are added to bring the height to road level. These additional riser sections are jointed together using epoxy mortar. However Humeseal Manhole System uses a self-lubricated sliding rubber ring called a ‘lamell ring’ imported from Europe. As the lubrication is fully encapsulated the ring easily slides into place with no sticky or greasy mess. This allows additional sections to be added in about 30 minutes as opposed to the epoxy mortar method which can take three or four hours to install – not including the time required for the epoxy to dry! And, with Humeseal, risers can be easily removed or swapped without holding up the progress of any project.

“From a construction point of view Humeseal is so much easier to work with,” adds Ralph. “Savings can be made due to the speed of installation, no epoxy mortar jointing and ‘plug in’ type ladder rungs. These are plastic encapsulated carbide steel avoiding the need for bolting or placement before the manhole is installed.”

Craig Hiddleston, Drainage Manager for the Alliance talks about the M2PP project and the use of Humeseal. “I hadn’t really seen it before this project,” he says. “I think we have installed over 100 so far on the job. We are certainly using it more and more because of the ease of construction. It’s like everything in these projects, the things that go well in this project we will take forward to the next one. That will go for the Humeseal. It has been a bit of a test case which is working out really well.”

“In fact that goes for the use of PVC pipe on site as well,” adds Craig. “As there is a high percentage of stormwater pipes in the main alignment ranging from 300mm to 600mm diameter, PVC pipes were our preferred choice for diameter up to and including 600mm diameter. Anything over we are sticking to concrete. It’s working really well and will also carry over to future projects. PVC is easier to handle, comes in 6m lengths which saves on construction costs, is cheaper to transport and it’s easier to store. It’s just easier all around. That's the way we are heading.” As a complete pipeline solutions provider, Humes supply not only concrete products, but also PVC, PE, GRP pipe and associated valves, fittings and accesories for all water applications.

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