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CSP & Auckland City Council - Five Parks West

An in depth study carried out by Auckland Council in 2012 identified a major shortfall in sports field capacity, particularly for training purposes, to cater for projected demand in the city. So, based on the findings of this study, the Council devised their Sports Field Development Programme and set aside $190m to be invested over a 10 year period for the development, upgrade and renewal of sports fields across the Auckland region.

The programme is a combination of regional and local board funded projects and includes installing artificial turfs and sand carpet fields, renewal of existing fields, new drainage, field development and lighting columns.

“The Five Parks West project is an Auckland Council initiative to upgrade current sports fields with new lighting so that they can maximise their utilisation and allow sports teams to use them during dark winter nights,” says Bruce Stephens, Sales Engineer for Auckland /Northland for CSP Pacific. “Five Parks West is one of the first projects to encapsulate five parks, instead of the usual one, with the idea of accelerating the programme to get all the parks completed before the winter sports season commenced.”

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