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Rocla Plastream® Detention System Helps Manage Flow

When the City of Charles Sturt, SA needed a solution to prevent flooding in Findon Road, they looked at a number of alternatives for a detention system at Don Klabe Reserve, eventually settling on Rocla’s Plastream® steel reinforced polyethylene pipe.

“There were significant flooding issues further upstream which dictated an upgrade to local underground drainage, but it was going to produce flows in excess of the capacity of the downstream drainage network,” says Tim Kerby, Senior Engineer for Tonkin Consulting. “The Plastream® system has been used to detain flows so they will now match the capacity of the downstream system.”

Tim says he’d never worked with Plastream® before but this was a unique project in terms of the site constraints, meaning Plastream® fit the bill.

“We identified that the original concept design to detain flows within a basin wasn’t going to be viable given the site constraints,” he says. “We had issues of proximity with buildings, reactive soils, underground services, management of existing trees and a tight footprint.”

Ultimately three interconnected 1350mm diameter storage chambers were specified to provide the required 600m3 of detention storage.

With Plastream® being a watertight solution and able to detain a large volume of water in a fairly small space, it was considered the ideal option and installation took place in February to April this year.

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