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Rocla CDS® Unit Segmental Screens

Rocla’s CDS® Unit P3000 series is now available with a fully pre-fabricated, bolt together on-site screen assembly.

Rocla Water Quality along with the Product Application Design (PAD) team have been working for some time on improving the product offering for the large 3000 series Rocla CDS® units. Traditionally, the Rocla CDS® Unit P3000 series screens have been offered as flat pack screen sheets requiring significant on-site stainless steel welding in a confined space.

The development of the new CDS® Unit Segmental Screen means the confined space entry risk assessment and controls required are minimised by no on site welding, no gas, no hot work and no manual handling of welding equipment, including gas bottles. This reduces the risk of HSE incidents significantly.

By manufacturing the screens and associated assembly details prior to delivery to the customer, we can make sure the durability of the CDS® Unit Segmental Screen is at its highest. Each screen is pre-fabricated under factory Quality Assurance. There is no loss of functionality to the screen’s performance, and there are no special skills required to assemble the CDS® Unit Segmental Screen (welders etc.).

The new screens take less time in assembly, which means it is estimated a Rocla CDS® Unit P3024 could now be fully assembled by a standard site crew, easily in one eight hour day. If the screen is damaged, panels can now be removed and replaced separately as part of lifecycle maintenance.

All of the above benefits have been verified by a trial assembly at Rocla’s Canberra factory, prior to the new CDS® Unit Segmental Screens being installed on several recent projects with great success.

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