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Waterview Connection: Building the Tunnels

Meet our TBM Alice.

Alice has been specifically designed for the Auckland geology by German company Herrenknecht. The 2400 tonnes TBM is the 10th largest machine of its type in the world and the largest ever built for use in Australasia.

She is supported by gantries (1, 2, 3 and culvert) that house all the equipment needed to operate it, place the precast concrete rings that line the tunnels and remove the spoil.

The TBM machine will travel a total of 4.8 kilometres to bore two 2.4 kilometres tunnels.

Alice began her underground journey in November 2013 at southern (Owairaka) end, first heading north to build the southbound tunnel. She reached the northern (Waterview) end of this tunnel on 29 September 2014 before relaunching for her second drive to build the northbound tunnel in January 2015. Alice is expected to breakthrough at Owairaka in mid-Spring.

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